Stock food

16 04 2010

Hey everybody,

Today, I thought it might be great to post some stock photos. I started stock about seven months ago after reading an article in a Montreal newspaper. The article was about Lise Gagne from iStockphoto. I then realized that I could put my images online to instead of letting them sleep on my hard drives.

Honestly, not a lot of my sleeping images made it to the strict microstock world. I’ve got my share of rejections but I tried harder and made more stock-style images that were finally accepted.

A lot of my online images are food photographs because it is easier to arrange a shooting session with a tomato and a strawberry than with a human model. However, I have plan for the summer. I’ll do more stock specific sport and outdoor photos since this is what I did most before stock.

Here’s a few photographs of food action that sell well on microstock site. You can find them at these adresses:

Thanks for watching!





One response

16 04 2010
Ta chérie

J’adore ton humour anglais!!

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