Some thoughts about the Pocket Wizard’s Mini TT1 and Flex TT5

17 04 2010


Today, I’m posting some thoughts about the Pocket Wizard’s Mini TT1 and Flex TT5 for Canon. I bought them 2 weeks ago because I have been so frustrated with the Canon own wireless system. The Canon STE-2 worked fine indoor for studio like shots, but as soon as I brought it outside, what a pain….!!! To be honest, you just can’t rely on infrared outside and I’m sure a lot of you reading this already know that. Solution? Mini and Flex. I really need to do more testing outside with those, but so far, it is pretty awsome!

Another great thing about those Pocket Wizards is that I can use my very old 540 EZ Canon flash that I still own because nobody wants to buy it! It works just fine with my Canon EOS 1D MARK II N. Of course, TTL is not working, but it can be used as a hairlight or a background light. It even works fine in manual mode, mixed  with my 580 EX in TTL mode.

Here’s a studio shot I did today  with this setup. The 540EZ pointed on the white background with a Flex TT5 attached to it. The main light was a 580EX in slave TTL mode. On the camera, a Canon STE-2 was mounted on a Mini TT1. The STE-2 for the 580 and the Mini for the 540.

Thanks for watching!





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