How to do street photography efficiently with an iPhone

4 05 2010

Hey everybody,

I recently received an iPhone as a gift and got very excited with the little camera that’s inside. I knew there were A LOT of photo apps in the store and I was pretty amazed by some reportage work I saw on the web that has been shot with the phone. So, as I have the phone with me all the time, I started to take a lot of pictures of everything around me. It soon replaced my Leica M8 in some situations where it was almost unthinkable (for me) to use the M camera. So today, I thought it would be great to share with you how I use my iPhone to do street photography.

First of all, the most important is to have the camera with you all the time. It should not be a problem since it is a phone too.

Second, just like shooting street with any other camera, you have to be aware of what’s around you and be able to anticipate things. So far, not very different from Street photography that you know.

The GREAT thing about the iPhone is that everybody today has a smartphone. This is great because nobody would think your actually taking a photo of them (usually, people are reading their e-mails on it). Even if they realize your taking a picture, they won’t take you seriously. You will probably just look like a tourist of some weird guy holding his phone in a weird way!

That way, you can go pretty close to your subjects and take very intrusives photographs without bothering anyone.

The only downside (except for image quality, of course) is the ergonomics of the iPhone. It is very difficult to hold the phone efficiently and it is not always easy to find the shutter button since it is a touch screen. However, I found a way to hold it that works great for me.

Another thing I really like about the iPhone is the speed at which the photo is taken after the shutter button is pushed. It is almost. It is REALLY fast, so it is very useful to capture “The moment”.

To process the images directly on the iPhone, I use a few apps like Photoshop mobile from Adobe, Best photo from photographer Chase Jarvis, Mill Colour from The Mill and Shake it Photo (one of my favourite for that perfect Polaroid look).

You can have a look at my other iPhone street photographs on my personal website,

Thanks for reading!





2 responses

4 08 2010
מצלמות אבטחה

Great Tip’s Thank you, my IPhone camera is much better then I thought..

4 08 2010

I also realized that if you pre-focus the camera (the depth-of-field is very large), you can hold the shutter button and when the moment comes, you just have to release the shutter. That way, the photo is taken instantly, as fast as with a Leica!!

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