First thoughts on the brand new Adobe Lightroom 3 (Small review based on a 2 day use)

10 06 2010

Hey everybody,

As you probably already know, the official version of Adobe Lightroom 3 was released on june 8. As it is the software I use the most, on a daily basis, it didn’t take long for me to go online to download it, especially at just 99$ for the upgrade ( by the way, if you upgrade to Photoshop CS5 in the same order, you get an instant 30$ off the price of Lightroom).

Is it worth the upgrade? TOTALLY! I almost didn’t use LR2 since the BETA 2 is out and the final version is even better!

First, the biggest improvement is about IQ. The new algorithm is so much better than the 2003 version. In many cases you won’t see any difference but in some it really improves the development.

Next, there’s the color and luminance noise reduction. Works beautifully, especially with older cameras without a very good high ISO quality.

There are also a lot of great additions like the lens profile, the perspective correction, a new import dialog box and many more.

The bad.

Yes, there are some issues with this first release, unfortunatly. The very first problem I had was in converting my old catalogs. Everything went smoothly as it should for the LR2 catalogs. The problem came when I tried to import photos from a LR3 BETA catalog inside the newly converted LR3 catalog. It kept showing me a pop up message saying that there was a problem with the catalog (Remember, it was a BETA catalog). So I tried to convert the BETA catalog first, which worked fine, and then I tried to import this new catalog into my main one. First, it looked great, but at the very end, same error message!!! So, I end up losing all I did in the BETA. I still can use two catalogs, but it don’t make sense because the BETA one is almost the same as the older one, but with different stuff added (I’ll maybe try to import the LR2 catalog into the LR3 (BETA) one….that could work!)

One last thing I found disappointing is the speed. This release is supposed to be VERY fast, but it seemed slower than LR2  in rendering the preview (I have the last generation iMac 27” and my images are from 8 and 10 Mp cameras). The worst part is when you adjust a slider. The effect often takes a few seconds to apply!!! I’ll try to find out why it is that slow. Maybe Adobe will release an update to fix that.

So, here it is for a quick review of Lightroom 3.0, the official release.






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