Mixing Pocket Wizard and Profoto Air sync

21 02 2012

So, here’s the question I think a lot of people are asking. Could it be possible to mix strobes fired by Pocket Wizard devices along with others fired by Profoto proprietary Air Sync radio system in a studio setup? I was VERY glad to find out last week that yes, it is totally possible. However, if this kind of setup appeals to you, read on to be sure you fully understand how to succesfully mix both system.
First of all, it is very important to understand that a Pocket Wizard radio cannot trigger a Air Sync radio and vice versa, simply because they don’t transmit on the same frequency. So let’s say you have a Pocket Wizard Plus II on your camera and you want to trigger a Profoto acute b2 equiped With Air Sync, it’s not going to work.
The way to make everything work together is to have both systems in parallel at the same time. Let me explain.
To do this, you will need at least a pocket wizard transmitter and one receiver and one Profoto tranciever (Air Sync or Air Remote) and one receiver.
The simplest setup would be to slide the Profoto tranciever into the hot shoe of a Mini TT1 or Flex TT5 and then slide that combo into the hot shoe of your camera.

That way, the pocket wizard will relay the signal to the Profoto tranciever just like it does when there’s a speedlite instead of the Profoto. You can now fire your two systems at the same time without delay. Pretty cool don’t you think? It eliminates the need to attached another PW to your already radio compatible Profoto.

You can see my images here:




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16 04 2012
Glen Johannes

Thanks for your blog. I find your explanations easy to understand and very informative. Keep up the great work.

4 05 2012

Thank you very, this is the information I needed, since I already have a PW set (one MiniTT1, two FlexTT5) working with my Nikon Speedlights and I have just ordered a couple of Profoto D1 Air with AirSync included.
Now I can use the whole system of four lights without changing/adding anything, this is just great!
All the best,

18 11 2012
Ken Wallace

PERFECT explanation of something I need to do tomorrow! I was optically triggering my speedlites in slave mode from the Profoto flash, but I don’t think the power output was adjusting accurately in ETTL mode. This will make my shoot go much better 🙂

18 11 2012

Good luck for your shoot Ken!

18 11 2012

I can add to this topic another important feature I have discovered:
I own the great Sekonic L-758dr, which includes a PW transmitter for wireless triggering. I was quite upset to notice that, with this new Profoto system, it was not possible to trigger the lights with that meter.
Well, using the multiple system Air Remote + PW FlexTT5 on camera, now I can still trigger wirelessly both Profoto lighting and PWed units with my Sekonic light meter… pretty good, isn’t?

18 11 2012

Thanks Marco! It will probably help a lot of people!

26 03 2013
Michael Bellis

Can you send a “basic drawing” of your setup?

I am looking to do the same and would appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,


15 05 2013

Hello Michael,
It is basically the setup shown on the photos Pierre-Luc posted here. Just using the PW in standard mode (but they should work on TTL mode as well) and the Sekonic light meter whit PW module integrated.
Nothing to change or set. It should trigger both PW and Profoto lighting.
Hope this is helpful.

18 11 2012

Thanks to you Pierre-Luc, you solved first this issue… anyway I think Sekonic should do something to get their wireless system Profoto compatible again.

16 07 2013

hi, i understand that PW flex system has hyper sync speed. Does this setup allows you to your SLR’s shutterspeed > 1/1000 with profoto strobes without issues as well ? tq

16 07 2013

Hi yuliang11!
The goal of this setup is to take advantage of the built in Air Sync in the profoto pack. As there is no Hypersync with the Profoto Air Sync, the answer to your question would be no. However, if you wnt to do Hypersync with the AcuteB2, it is possible to achieve great results with the TT5 as long as the flash is used at full power. This is when the flash duration is the longest. You can then adjust with ND filters directly on the flash head.

16 03 2014

I am glad to ha e found your blog. I have just purchased a Prophoto B1 head and tried to use it with my PW(TT1+TT5+Speedlite Canon EX 580 II). When I placed the TT1 in the Camera’s hotshoe then mounted on it the Air remote of the B1 head, it just did not work. I tried it both TTL and manual. Is there any special setting I need or an I doing something wrong.

16 03 2014

Hi, you’re the second person that’s writing to me about problems with the B1 and Pocket Wizard the way I use them. I think the problem come from the TTL part in the new Air since you’re trying to mix two different TTL systems at once. The camera can only handle one TTL at a time. It should work if you use the B1 and the Air fully manual, but from your post it dosen’t seem to work either! Did you try using both the Pocket Wizard and the Profoto fully manual? Does it work? If it does,you lose the TTL, but you can add more lights in the mix!
Since the new Air is obviously different from the older one, maybe you could try to play in the PW utility, but since I don’t own a B1, I can’t help you, very sorry! You could also try the other technique on my blog using the sync port on your camera. It should work in manual that way.

28 04 2014

If you use the Air Remote TTL-C you can slave sync your speedlights either by activating the optical slave on your speedlight or by connecting an Air Sync or an Air Remote unit to the sync jack of your speedlight. The B1 also has an optical slave and a sync jack, so if you are already using speedlights off-camera with PocketWizard® or other radio triggers, you can slave sync B1 as well!

10 05 2014

I have tried the B1 heads as slaves and they do fire with the Canon EX 580 II flashguns (with PocketWizard) but it does not seem to work the other way round, i.e. the B1 will not trigger the flashguns as slaves. Do you have any experience which proves the contrary?

15 07 2014

enter blog thinking I would find something clever or a solution to not buy profoto transmitters
And I find?
A solution of the most useless and stupid ….
It really bothers me waste my time
What kind of idiot would put a transmitter pocket wizard to add a profoto up after?
Bineuronal some duplicate
That really shitty blog

23 04 2016

Hi Carlos, you missed the point! The goal here is to mix Profoto strobes with Canon flashguns, not to replace Profoto transmitter!
Thanks for taking the time anyway to write such a long comment!

24 10 2014

Hi, I did this successfully last night (B1 500 air, Air sync controller on my Nikon body and my SB-800 set to optical slave) The speed light should not care where the flash is coming from, correct?

4 01 2015

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7 04 2015

I have the same setup and it doesn’t work.
My setup: on camera (Canon 6D) a tt5 and a Profoto Air.
Flashes: Profoto B1 (connected using Profoto Air) and Canon 600ex-rt (connected using tt5’s).
Both flashes are on Manual Mode (no TTL), and I can’t get both flashes to fire, just the 600ex-rt.

Any ideas?, I appreciate any help.
Thank you

1 05 2015

HI Guys,

I recently purchased Profoto B2 location kit and i was disappointed that my Sekonic L-758DR which has built in transmitter doesn’t work. I knew this will be the case prior to the purchase as i know the two systems are different.

However, here is my setup:
PocketWizard FlexTT5 mounted on my canon 5d mark II
Profoto Air remote – Air Remote TTL-C on hot shoe on top of Flex TT5

When i try to trigger B2 profoto using my skein light meter, I can see the light turn on the Flex TT5, however, it won’t trigger my B2 profoto flash.

Any recommendations? Any help?


18 08 2017

Hi, I also have same setup with you. The only walkaround is to trigger pocketwizard equiped flash along with profoto B1/2 is by connecting pocketwizard transmitter (multimax/plus/flex) flash port to camera PC sync cord jack. To trigger profoto B1/2, put the air remote ttl-c on your camera hot shoe. To make it more neat looking, you can use flash bracket or strap to hang your pocketwizard transmiter.

21 11 2015

can this be done with a hotshoe adapter?

12 12 2015

thank you so much for your setup information it helps a lot, if i use pocketwizard to fire 2 D1 with hypersync, and put air remote on the top to fire 2 B1 , both hypersync and high speed sync will work?

23 04 2016

This just saved me so much time and money. Thank you!

3 05 2016
Austin Yu

I had a hard time getting this set-up working, but figured a work around. For reference, I am using a 5D Mk III, TT5s all around, B1, and Air TTL-C.

HSS and HyperSync are both super important for the work that I do, but I was getting inconsistent results when stacking the transmitters on top of the hotshoe. In order to get the set-up completely working, I attached the Air TTL-C remote onto a TT5 and kept that separate from the camera (in my pocket, hanging from my wrist, etc.). Then attached a TT5 onto the hotshoe and fired normally. Seems like this set-up works a lot better than stacking/attaching the transceivers in parallel and I am getting infinitely more consistent and predictable results.

12 02 2017
Curtis Jewell

Oh Yeah I tried it so many ways and finally when I changed things this way it worked. Canon 5DM3 – TT5’s on Canon speedlites and hotshoe – Air remote TTLC on top. Put Profoto B2 in slave mode. This worked in ETTL and Manual. Also Sekonic L-358 W/ RT-32CTL worked. Good luck.

27 02 2017

Impossible… Air remote work only with 1plus4

31 01 2018
steven crawford

you can use Impact SCS-M18 for pocket wizard to sync (they are about $25). no need to use a tt5 or tt1. You have to make sure the profoto is on sync X.

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