Mixing three different lightning systems together. Profoto Air, Pocket Wizard and Canon optical sync.

15 05 2013


Hey everybody!

Today I thought I might share a great thing I finally made work yesterday. I’ve tried this a few times before and either it didn’t work of it was unreliable. However, I thought of something different yesterday and it worked just fine. It is also very reliable. I was able to sync a flash triggered by Profoto Air system, another one triggered by Pocket Wizard and finally, I was also able to triggered speedlites with Canon proprietary optical line of sight triggering. All this in sync!!

First, I tried to put the Pocket Wizard TT1 in the hot shoe of the camera and the master flash, a 600EX-RT, in the hot shoe of the Pocket Wizard TT1. That’s the scenario in which I had unreliable results. I then had an idea to put the Pocket Wizard TT1 in a separate hot shoe triggered via a PC cord plugged in the PC Sync port of the 5D Mark III, and then I put the 600EX-RT in the hot shoe of the camera where it belongs. Magic!!! everything fired in sync. I even have TTL with the speedlites!

This setup let me with another option. The hot shoe of the Pocket Wizard TT1 was still unused! That’s why I slide the Profoto Air Remote in it. Magic again!!! Three very different systems, all working together even if they weren’t design to do so!

I’ll try to shoot something worth showing and I’ll come back with some exemples.






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30 03 2015
Tristan Findley

Hi there.
I’ve been toying with the idea of using an on-camera TT1 with three off-camera TT5’s running Canon Speedlites (this part of my setup already works fine). What I want to then do is run a Yongnuo wireless system (non-ETTL) along-side it by using the PC Sync port from one of the TT5’s. This would connect to a Yongnuo 560-TX which would trigger two 560-IV flashes. What I don’t know (and want to find out before I take the plunge into buying more kit) is; does the PC Sync port on the TT5’s transmit the trigger pulse even though a Canon Speedlite is mounted on the hotshoe? Doing so would let me leave a TT5 with the extra transmitter somewhere out of the way while only having to look after a single transmitter connected to the camera.

Hope you’ll be able to answer. Thanks for the great post on this unique setup!

30 03 2015

Hi Tristan, thanks for reading rhe blog!
As far as I know, if the TT5 is in receive mode, the PC port will no send a trigger.every transmitting part must be from the camera shoe. If you use a TT5 on the camera, then it should work. You could also try your transmiter into the hot shoe of the TT1 just like I did. That way you could have two separate setups at the same time.I’m not sure about the accuracy of the TTL Tough!
Hope this help!

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