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Hey, I’m a Montreal based photographer, specializing in microstock sports and wedding photography. Contact me for any events or questions.


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22 10 2011
Adrian Onsen

Just read your post

You mentioned that you used a 540ez on a PocketWizard TT5? And you were able to control the power of the 540EZ from the pocketwizard in manual mode?

Please let me know, as I looking to buy a 540ez to use with my TT5/TT1, but only if I can control the power remotely.


26 10 2011

Hi Adrian,

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain properly, but you can’t actually control remotely the power of the 540EZ. What I meant is that you can use it on manual mode (instead of TTL like newer Canon Flashes) on a Flex TT5. All the power control is done on the flash itself.

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